Enterprise Team (eTeam) is in business since October 2007.
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Legal Aid Office

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Team and Legal Aid Office jointly developed a comprehensive online web application to manage legal cases to organise, automate and integrate information in most accurate and reliable manner making legal case management process easy for law firms and corporates.

Bilal Trading Company (BTC)

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eTeam developed a comprehensive online business application for one of the leading metal sheets and steel bar importers of Pakistan. The system takes online orders, record all inventory items, generate delivery challans and invoices, track all receivables and payable beside providing an integrated online messaging interface to interact with clients, suppliers and team members.


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Caros is a UK based company working towards health and wellness data monitoring. It will provide users different set of bluetooth devices bundled with access to online web portal and Mobile Apps. The project is all set to launch in early 2016 in UK followed by launches in other countries.