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Azeems Limited

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Azeems (Private) Limited, established in 1982, is a commodity trading, manufacturer’s sales agent and distribution firm that specializes in Forest Products. Forest products such as paper pulp are raw materials for industrial applications in the paper, packaging, pharmaceutical, biorefinery, textile and construction industries.

Crescent Steel

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Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited is a conglomerate corporation listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange as ‘CSAP’ and thereby is a Public Interest Company (PIC) under the Third Schedule of the Companies Act, 2017. Starting operations with a pipe manufacturing facility in March 1987, Crescent Steel now has diversified businesses in four defined sectors – engineering, textiles, capital markets, and power – spread over six campuses.

Glaring Sports

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Every great company needs the Vision to carry it to ultimate success, Every Great company needs great employees who understand that vision and how to accomplish it. GLARING SPORTS Vision is to provide their clients with resourceful insights into the untapped Pakistani Market. Delivering Right Quality and timely shipments with satisfactory customer service.